Get the RPA Footprint Expansion Bot Pack for Salesforce, ServiceNow, Jira, Outlook, and more

Bot Store makes it easy to deploy prebuilt bots across Sales, Service, Software Development and other teams. These bots are modular to quickly customize to a wide variety of processes. Whether it's automating your sales pipeline, reducing average call handling time, or speeding time to resolution, this bot pack has you covered.

Included Bots

Bots for Sales Teams

  • Reduce errors and ensure consistency with single and bulk CRUD operations
  • Speed renewal processing by automating quote creation
  • Leave no lead behind by automating lead imports from virtually any application
  • Ensure business continuity by running and storing periodic Salesforce backups

Bots for Customer Care

  • Speed inquiry management by as much as 50%
  • Reduce errors caused by switching screens/applications
  • Improve AHT (average handling time) by retrieving call data automatically
  • Open, close or update accounts automatically

Bots for Software Development

  • Speed issue creation from test automation and monitoring systems
  • Improve prioritization by calling project details automatically

The RPA Footprint Expansion Bot Pack also includes bots that automate hundreds of functions for Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Outlook and Excel to allow you to:

  1. Eliminate cut and paste from a wide variety of formats and systems
  2. Quickly automate complex processes across multiple screens
  3. Reduce maintenance and operational costs with included bot updates

Buy the pack and get nine bots for the price of six. Accelerate your digital transformation and expand your automation practice across more use cases with the RPA Footprint Expansion Bot Pack.

$6500 annual subscription

Contact your Automation Anywhere Account Manager or call our Sales Hotline to purchase:

United States: 1-888-484-3535
International: 1-408-834-7676