Automatic Payment Process for SAP F110

This bot Performs the Automated SAP Payment Proposal - F110

Top Benefits

  • On Time Payment Proposal Creation for Finance Department
  • Bot Runs daily which Automates the Payment Proposal
  • Improve Finance Team's Productivity
  • Accurate Payment Proposal Process


  • Login to SAP and Navigate to F110 in SAP
  • Enter the Run Date (From Excel Input file) and Download Excel Report
  • Filter Report data by Type column in Excel (Green and Red on first Column) and Exclude Red Type
  • Perform Summation of Amount Paid Column in Excel

The payment proposal transaction in SAP helps the user to make payments by selecting the documents related to a given payment method or scheduled to be paid before a given due date. The system proposes what should be paid based on the selection criteria provided by the user. The system generates a payment proposal list that has to be checked before the payments are executed.

This bot is developed by Thirdware automates the process of 1. Creation of a new payment run on Payables – Payments Runs & Editing and Releasing of a Payment Proposal

Automation Anywhere Bot in Action

Bot will perform the following actions

1. Login to SAP system
2. Enter the Transaction code F110 in the SAP Command Field
3. Now the screen will be navigated to Automatic Payment Transaction Screen
4. In this screen, the bot will enter Run Date and Identification parameters and
click on Proposal Button
5. Click on Proposal Button
6. In the Display Payment Proposal Screen, The bot downloads the report to Excel
7. The Bot will search for Exception rows in the Excel file and remove those rows.
8. It will perform the summation of the Amount Paid (FC) column in the Excel file and
save it.
9. The Bot will send the Excel file as Email to finance for Payment Processing.

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July 24, 2020
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February 25, 2020
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See the Bot in Action

SAP Payment Proposal Process
SAP Payment Proposal Process
SAP Payment Proposal Process
SAP Payment Proposal Process
SAP Payment Proposal Process
SAP Payment Proposal Process

Setup Process


Download the Bot and follow the instructions to install it in your AAE Control Room.


Open the Bot to configure your username and other settings the Bot will need (see the Installation Guide or ReadMe for details.)


That's it - now the Bot is ready to get going!

Requirements and Inputs

  • Windows Server 2016
  • MS Office 2013 or Higher