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Digital Sales Operations Specialist - Salesforce




Focus your sales team on demand generation and closing sales, not manual data entry. This Digital Worker improves team productivity, job satisfaction and the bottom line while reducing errors caused by manual data entry. Train the Digital Sales Operations - Salesforce specialist to extract information from multiple sources and create new contacts, leads, accounts and more.


1-5 Digital Workers: $2,500 per Digital Worker Annual Subscription*

6+ Digital Workers: Request quote

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*Governed by applicable Automation Anywhere licensing agreement

  • Pre-defined skills accelerate time to value
  • Updates and enhancements included

  • Fully supported by AppPerfect
  • Includes configuration support 
  • Value and Benefits

    Value to companies

    • Ensures a single, accurate source of truth
    • Speeds up execution of data entry through automation available 24/7
    • Increases reporting cadence to focus team efforts
    • Eliminates the hunt for the latest documents
    • Reduce skill maintenance costs incurred by Salesforce product changes


    Value to workers

    • Improves sales team productivity and job satisfaction by reducing time spent on data entry and reporting
  • Tasks/Bots

    • Create contact in Salesforce
    • Create account in Salesforce
    • Create lead in Salesforce
    • Create product in Salesforce
    • Create opportunity in Salesforce
    • Create quote in Salesforce
    • Upload file to Salesforce
    • Send message from Chatter
    • Run query to get sales data
  • Systems and Applications

    1. Salesforce
  • Skills

    • Creates new products from ERP and other inventory management systems.
    • Creates new contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities in Salesforce from marketing and lead generation tools like Marketo.
    • Creates new quotes. Train your Digital worker to calculate pricing based on rules.
    • Performs data tasks like extracting sales data and generating bot activity reports.
    • Automates file uploads like legal documents and data sheets.
    • Sends chatter messages to Salesforce users.
    • Notifies team members when file uploads are done.
  • Prerequisites

    1. Bot Insights for dashboards and reporting
    2. Chatter to send messages
  • More Information

    1. Some skills require training
    2. Apply individual or multiple skills in various places in your workflow
    3. Bot Insight enabled for reporting on tasks performed
    4. Configuration support included
    5. Support:
    6. FAQs: Bot Store FAQs
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