Digital Workday Data Administrator – Configuration

Top Benefits

  • Accelerates the implementation of Workday through speeding up the set up of the core HR data structure.
  • Provides assurance that the set up was completed correctly.
  • HR Managers stop being data entry clerks and spend time optimizing the structure of the data for the company’s needs.


  • Process Tracking

Implementation of Workday can be tough – but “many hands make light work”. How about some digital workers? During the implementation of Workday, establishing the structure of your HR data is key to fully leveraging this powerful application And realizing a set up error only after implementation means a lot rework. Avoid all that. This digital administrator can build the configuration for you – quicker, and with absolute accuracy. Working off of a design articulated in Excel, this pair of digital hands quickly executes the setup within Workday, without any risk of accuracy issues. And it will let you know when it’s finished. You can focus on other areas of the implementation…or just watch it do its stuff.

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Automation Type
Digital Worker
Last Updated
July 24, 2020
First Published
March 19, 2019
Enterprise Version

Setup Process


Download the Digital Worker and follow the instructions to install it in your AAE Control Room.


Open the My Tasks folder of the Digital Worker to configure your username and other settings the Digital Worker will need.

  • Details are included in the Installation Guide or ReadMe.
  • Configuration support from the vendor is included with your purchase.


That's it - now the Digital Worker is ready to get going!

Requirements and Inputs