Document Language Translator

Quickly translate documents into the desired language leveraging Google translate

Top Benefits

  • 100% accurate and fast processing.
  • Reduce costs for skilled translation tasks
  • Automate the process of converting text from one language to another


  • Upload documents from the input folder to Google translate
  • Bot selects target language per the language defined in the config file
  • The bot saves the translated document to the output directory

The document language translator bot is designed to assist organizations in quickly converting documents from one language to another. The bot will scan for files in an input directory, open Google translator on chrome, and input the text body of the document. Using the target language defined in the provided config file, the bot will instruct Google to translate to the provided language before finally saving the converted file to the output directory.

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Bot Security Program
Level 1
Business Process
Automation Type
Last Updated
December 1, 2020
First Published
June 3, 2020
Enterprise Version

See the Bot in Action

Converted Files in OutputDoc folder
Google translate
Line of codes
Converted Files in OutputDoc folder
Google translate
Line of codes

Setup Process


Download the Bot and follow the instructions to install it in your AAE Control Room.


Open the Bot to configure your username and other settings the Bot will need (see the Installation Guide or ReadMe for details.)


That's it - now the Bot is ready to get going!

Requirements and Inputs

  • Google Chrome browser
  • Defined input folder path and language selection provided in config file