Vendor Program Policies

LAST UPDATED: June 17, 2020

In addition to the Bot Store Vendor Submission Agreement, the following terms and conditions must be agreed to by the Vendor in order to list products in Bot Store.

This is a legal agreement between you (a “Vendor,” “You,” and “Your”) and Automation Anywhere, Inc. (“AAI”) (individually a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”) that states the terms that govern Vendor submissions of Bot Store Products to AAI’s Bot Store at By agreeing to this Vendor Program Policies (“Policies”), You acknowledge that You have read and agree to be bound by the terms herein.


  • Vendor agrees to provide all information necessary to market their products and enable AAI sales channel. This includes the description, list of features and functionality, benefits, and screenshots of their product.
  • Vendor agrees that AAI may use the provided information at its sole discretion in order to market and sell the Vendor’s products. AAI may choose to modify the descriptions at any time by informing the Vendor, provided such modifications accurately reflect the capabilities of the product.
  • Vendor shall only submit products that are developed with reusability in mind.
  • Vendor agrees to grant a license to AAI to use their brand name and product name for the purpose of marketing, sales, promotion and advertising.
  • All paid products in Bot Store must offer a free 30-Day Free Trial.  The free trial is available to all Bot Store users who choose to download the product from Bot Store. Vendor acknowledges that it is their responsibility to include License Management in their product to enforce license expiration, either for the 30-Day Free Trial or annual license. 
  • Vendors have the option to leverage Code Protection for all paid products in Bot Store. Vendor acknowledges that it is their responsibility to include Code Protection in their product for ATMX and MBOT files of their choosing.
  • Vendors must have a vendor profile page on Bot Store before listing any products for sale (with price) on Bot Store.


  • All prices for products in Bot Store are shown in USD.
  • All bots listed and sold through Bot Store must be priced between $50 USD and $5000 USD per bot – annual subscription. This price is known as the Essential Price
  • All bots listed on Bot Store have an Essential Price and Full Price. Both prices are required as part of the bot Submission experience and are set by the Vendor.
    • Essential Price: Price per bot for an annual subscription. Best for customers who need to run 1 to 5 bots concurrently, separate bot runners in one production control room. The Essential Price is listed on the product details page, visible to the customer and public.
    • Full Price: Price per annual subscription for customers who need to run more than 5 bots concurrently in one production control room. The Full Price is available to customers upon request. If a Full Price was not provided by the Vendor, Bot Store Operations will assign a Full Price of 5x the Essential Price.
  • Vendor will be paid within 60 days from receipt of payment from customer of Bot Store bot.  
  • After first sale of bot on Bot Store, vendor must provide needed data (when requested) to be set up as a ‘vendor’ in Automation Anywhere payment system. Directions will come from Bot Store Business Operations.

Bot Store Vendor agrees to a 70% / 30% revenue split after any discounts have been applied. The Vendor receives 70% and Automation Anywhere receives 30%.

  • At this time, all channel partners of AAI receive a discount of 20% for Bot Store products. 
  • In addition to the discount available to AAI channel partners, Bot Store and AAI direct Sales may offer a discount, at their sole discretion, up to 20%.  

Illustrative Example: take a bot with a list price of $1000 USD per bot – annual subscription: 

  • Sold direct to an end user via Bot Store or Automation Anywhere Sales at full list price (no discount offered or applied):
    • the Vendor will be paid $700 (70% of $1000) and
    • AAI will retain $300 (30% of $1000) as the Bot Store marketplace fee
  • Sold direct to an end user via Bot Store or AAI direct Sales or AAI channel partner with 20% discount:
    • transaction total after optional discount applied is $800 the Vendor will be paid $560 (70% of $800) and
    • AAI will retain $240 (30% of $800) as the Bot Store marketplace fee

Bots that are priced at $500 USD or less are available for self checkout, payment by credit card, by the Bot Store customer. These transactions are subject to a transaction fee from a Third Party and the 70%/30% (Bot Store Vendor/AAI) revenue split also applies after transaction fee deducted.

For an illustrative example, take a bot with a list price of $100 USD per bot – annual subscription:

  • The transaction fee (~3.0%) is taken from the list price – $100 – $3 = $97
  • the Vendor will be paid $67.90 (70% of $97)
  • AAI will retain $29.10 (30% of $97) as the Bot Store marketplace fee


  • Vendor agrees that they are solely responsible for providing first line support for their paid products. This includes support for all end users during both 30-Day Free Trial and annual subscription licenses.
  • Vendor agrees to provide, AT MINIMUM, support for their products during normal business hours –  5 days per week and at least 8 hours per day. Details of support must be published on product details page or vendor profile page.  Such support shall be available to end users via email and/or phone and/or chat and/or website. Vendor shall provide Support details to Bot Store Operations team including named primary contact, phone number and email address. Email Support contact information to
  • Vendor agrees that they shall not contact the end user/customer unless contact is directly related to bot(s) that have been downloaded by the customer.