Bot Store Frequently Asked Questions

For Customers

How do I download and install a bot or Digital Worker from Bot Store?

Browse Bot Store for products. Once you find a product that interests you, click on the “Get Bot” or “Start Free Trial” button to begin the download process.
For Enterprise V11, complete steps are listed below:

  1. Download the product, once download of .MSI is complete
  2. Right-click on the .MSI file and execute as an Administrator.
  3. On the “Welcome to Installation” wizard, click Next to continue.
  4. Read and click “I agree to the terms” in the license agreement radio button to accept the agreement.
  5. Get/Copy the License key from Bot Store Downloads page or order confirmation email into License Key, click Next to continue.
  6. Click Install to begin the installation.
  7. Click Finish to complete the installation.

How can I buy products on Bot Store?

Many products have self checkout capabilities, look for the blue “Buy Now” button. For all other products, contact your Automation Anywhere Account Manager or you can email us at: [email protected]

I am interested in purchasing a product, what are the system requirements?

For Enterprise V11 you will need to have version 11.3.3 at minimum to run paid bots and Digital Workers.

Do paid listings have a free trial?

Yes, paid listings come with a 30-Day Free Trial. Your free trial Access Code will expire 30 days after the download.

What security verifications were completed for products listed on Bot Store?

All products on Bot Store are verified at Level 1, malware scan. For details about the 4 progressive levels or security designation, please review our Bot Security Program.

I can’t run the MSI installer for a bot or Digital Worker I downloaded, what can I do?

For Enterprise V11 To run an Automation Anywhere Bot Store MSI installer, the Windows user must have Administrator privileges to execute the installer on the device. Please contact your company’s IT Support Desk or Center of Excellence to check the policy on executing installer files if you do not have the required permissions. Or you can email us at [email protected] and we can send a Zip file.

I don’t see the files after successfully running the .MSI. What should I do?

First, check if the user has Administrator privileges. Once confirmed, you may try again by:

  1. Uninstall the bot by going to “Add/Remove Programs”
  2. Go to Windows > type CMD
  3. Right-click CMD and click on “Run as Administrator”
  4. Navigate to the path where the .MSI is located and execute it

Now it should work and display all the files correctly.

I see terms such as License Key and an Access Code, what is the difference? 

The License Key is used during the installation process with the MSI installer. The Access Code grants permission to run the product for a defined period of time. You will receive one Access Code for the 30-Day Free Trial and a separate Access Code with the purchase of an annual subscription.Both codes are available to you on your “My Downloads” page.

How and where do I input the Access Code I received?

For Enterprise V11

When you download a 30-Day Free Trial or make a purchase, you will need to input the Access Code into each of the Task Files that shipped with your bot or Digital Worker. For more detailed instructions, visit Inputting Your Access Code.

How do I request ongoing support for my paid product?

Please contact the vendor for support questions. The vendor contact details can be found on the product detail page or the vendor profile page in Bot Store. Vendor support is available with your purchase of your product.

For Vendors

What are the recommended standards for developing a bot or Digital Worker for Bot Store?

A list of recommended standards for Bot design, creation, and submission can be found on the Documentation Portal.

How do I submit a bot or Digital Worker for publishing in the Bot Store?

To submit a bot or Digital Worker to Bot Store you will need to have a registered account for Automation Anywhere Bot Store. You can create one by visiting and clicking the “Login” option.

You also need to create a Vendor Profile Page by making a request using the  Vendor Profile Request Form

Vendor Profile Pages give you a platform to introduce your organization, showcase your expertise and highlight your bots in the Bot Store.

Once registered, please visit the Bot Submission form in your My Submissions section of your Account.

On this form you will be asked to provide details of your bot or Digital Worker, including:

  • description of your bot or Digital Workers features, benefits, inputs and outputs
  • screenshots and videos showcasing the value of your bot or Digital Worker
  • a Readme file with the instructions to install, configure and run the bot or Digital Worker
  • a Zip file with the bot’s content

NOTE: For paid listings, the zip package needs to be created using the 11.3.3 client. The Zip file will have the needed package structure and manifest file which will be used by the 11.3.3 Control Room to define the hierarchy and code protection.

After you submit the bot, the Bot Store Operations team will conduct a thorough review of your submission to ensure that all the required information is accurate and that the Bot meets the standards outlined in the Bot Submission Checklist.

How do I include license management in my paid bot or Digital Worker?

For Enterprise V11
To integrate license management into your paid bot or Digital Worker, you need to:

  • Request a Global ID from Bot Store Operations. Use the following form to make the request:
  • You will receive a unique Global ID for each bot or Digital Worker you are creating as well as a ‘getting started’ kit which includes a License DLL.
  • Integrate the License DLL into a metabot
  • Include your Global ID in a License Info.txt file.
  • The unique Global ID needs to be added to the License Info.txt file that ships with your bot or Digital Worker.
  • When a customer downloads a 30-Day Free Trial or makes a purchase, they will receive an Access Code they need to enter which will enforce the length of subscription.

If the bot or Digital Worker I am submitting does not use any MetaBots, do I need to create an empty “My MetaBots” folder?

Yes, even though the folder will be empty, the folder is required. Your bot or Digital Worker will fail the review process if the “My MetaBots” folder is missing. This is also true for the “Input Folder.” It is required even if no input files are needed.

If the bot I’m submitting does not use any Input, do I need to create an empty “Input Folder” folder?

Yes, even though the folder will be empty, the folder is required. Your bot or Digital Worker will fail the review process if the “Input Folder” is missing. It is required even if no input files are needed. This is also true for the “My MetaBots” folder.

I need to make changes to a bot or Digital Worker that is already published, how can I do this?

If you need to change the information about a product that is published on Bot Store, please send us an email to [email protected].

Make sure to include the name of your product and a link to the detail page on Bot Store. Please provide specific details about the updates needed.

How long will it take for my product to appear in Bot Store after I submit it?

Bot Store Operations will do an initial review your submission within 5-7 business days of receipt. If your submission does not pass first review, you will receive an email, Submission Review Report, will the details on the issues that were found and next steps.

Why has my product been moved to “Draft”?

If the Bot submission does not pass our review, we will reject the bot or Digital Worker submission and move it to “Draft” status. You can still view the submission in your “My Submissions” section of your Profile.

Bot Store Operations will send you an email with a Submission Review Report that will list all the reasons for rejecting your bot or Digital Worker and next steps to help you get through the approval process.

How do I get a report on the number of downloads for my published products?

Reports on your Bot downloads can be downloaded from the Orders section.

How do I get support for a product downloaded from the Bot Store?

For Digital Workers and Bots owned by a vendor, please contact the vendor. The vendor contact details can be found on the product listing page or the vendor profile page in the Bot Store. The vendor will provide dedicated support upon purchase of the Digital Worker / Bot. 

Get community support for all listings through the A-People Community Portal.

For additional questions, write to us at [email protected]