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Build your business on Bot Store

Bot Store is the largest marketplace today for ready-to-deploy business automation. We offer a broad assortment of bots and Digital Workers covering a wide range of enterprise use cases. Our offerings are built by a vast ecosystem of seasoned developers, subject matter experts and Automation Anywhere partners.

Turbocharge Automation

Speed automation development and deployment by up to 70% at half of the cost by using pre-built bots and Digital Workers from Bot Store. Control Room makes it easy to discover, download, and view Bot Store bots and Digital Workers directly into the Control Room repository.

Lower Maintenance Costs

API-powered bots and Digital Workers offer higher stability and lower operating costs. As applications evolve, vendor updates reduce your maintenance costs.

Deploy Reliably

All Bots and Digital Workers are scanned for malware. Bot Store vendors follow best practice standards for reusability, security, and packaging so that you can deploy with confidence.


It's a snap to install from the Bot Store.

Just go to the item you want and click Get Bot or Get Digital Worker.

A standard installer downloads. Just accept the terms and input the License Key, which you can find in the My Downloads section under your profile. And in just a few seconds, your bot or Digital Worker has been installed.

We'll also send you an Access Key via email if it's a paid bot or Digital Worker. Just follow the documentation for your bot or Digital Worker on where to input this, and you're ready to go!


Your paid bot or Digital Worker comes with step-by-step documentation to walk you through the process of configuration. It will explain the different parameters, or variables, which you need to input and where to do this.

Sensitive configuration information like user name and password are set up in the Credential Vault so your private data is secured in an encrypted format. This information is only used when needed by the bot.

Any less sensitive information is added to a configuration file. The step-by-step documentation will walk you through what to input and where to put it.

Paid bots and Digital workers are built into customizable modules so you can tailor your deployment to suit your process and environment.


Now you're ready to go! To run the bot, just click Run on your Automation Anywhere client on your desktop.

Or if you want to deploy it to other machines, just go into the Automation Anywhere Control Room to choose where you want it to run.

And that's it!

It's easy to Install, Configure, and Run bots and Digital Workers from the Bot Store, so that you can improve your productivity and get faster value from automation.

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