AARI for Web/Desktop - The PDF Watermark Operations

This Automation will fill/apply the Watermark into the input PDF which has been selected by end-user from the AARI interactive form

Top Benefits

  • Partial theft protection. This one is obvious!
  • Brand Promotion
  • Watermarks will help on classification & tracking of Documents
  • True AARI Web/Desktop Experience


  • Automation will take inputs from users via AARI interactive form.
  • Based on information automation will apply watermark to PDFs.

First things first – what is a watermark? A watermark is an image, overlay, or text that's placed over a digital asset. Usually, the image will be monochromatic and transparent, to enable others to still view the asset.

Typically, watermarks are used to protect content and to claim ownership of an asset. Without watermarks, valuable digital assets can be susceptible to content theft or unauthorized use.

When uploading or posting your digital content to public servers or websites, a simple right click and save allows someone to save your asset. How, where, and when they use it after that is their complete discretion.

Without proper protection, organizations that invest time and resources in producing original content, risk their assets being used by others, potentially impacting business opportunities and revenue. Watermarks can deter this content theft or prevent it entirely (when done well).

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Bot Security Program
Level 1
Business Process
Automation Type
Last Updated
April 26, 2022
First Published
April 26, 2022
Automation 360

See the Bot in Action

User's Input information in AARI Form.
AARI Output interface window.
PDF Output with Watermark Applied.
User's Input information in AARI Form.
AARI Output interface window.
PDF Output with Watermark Applied.

Setup Process


Download the Bot and follow the instructions to install it in your AAE Control Room.


Open the Bot to configure your username and other settings the Bot will need (see the Installation Guide or ReadMe for details.)


That's it - now the Bot is ready to get going!

Requirements and Inputs

  • User should have Python-3 installed.
  • User should have AARI access.
  • User must add Watermark file in PDF format.