Add Document - ZOHO

Add document in ZOHO application.


Add Document - ZOHO

Add Document - ZOHO

Add document in ZOHO application.

Add Document - ZOHO

Add document in ZOHO application. This bot is provided by Automation Anywhere.


This bot is designed to login into ZOHO, Go in Add Document tab, and Upload a new Document In Zoho from provided file on given location.


Quick and seamless Integration with Zoho. Easy to use and integrate in new or existing tasks without any technical supervision.


File Name, File Location Path, ZOHO Application URL, ZOHO Credentials


Add document in ZOHO application.

More Details

All fields are mandatory.Extract the zip and copy Bot Store folder inside extracted folder in "My Task" and any metabot if applicable in "My Metabots" on your local Automation Anywhere repository. 

Owner Contact Info

Vendor image

Pre-install Checks

Required access of ZOHO application, Required Automation run-time client installed, Required all Bots for Create Quote process and all this bots should be place in a specific folder.

Install Related


  • Download the bot from Bot Store.
  • Double click on the .msi file.
  • On Welcome to Installation wizard, click Next to continue.
  • Click I agree to the terms in the license agreement radio button to accept the agreement.
  • Get/Copy the License key from Bot Store Downloads into License Key, click Next to continue.
  • Click Install to begin the installation.
  • Click Finish to complete the installation.
  • To view the installation go to 'My Tasks' folder on AAE Client to see bot files.


  • Open Add/Remove Programs -> Select the Bot/Digital Worker to be installed 
  • Click uninstall 


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