A2019 - CM to Inch Conversion Bot

This Bot takes client data from a CSV file and creates client records for you in Invoicely. The Digital Sales Operations Specialist extracts information from mu

Top Benefits

  • Instant conversion from Centimeters to inch
  • Can be fully integrated into your own bot
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Inputs and triggers: Outline the input data that a person will give the bot, or a trigger for the bot to act.
Actions: Describe the task that the bot does.
Outputs: Explain what the bot produces, such as a spreadsheet, emails, or new records in a particular application.
Use cases: Talk about business process pain points when this bot would be valuable. Illustrate the benefits of using this bot by describing the manual work people have to do without this bot, including the long hours required, money spent, and inefficient results. Contrast that with how their work flow and efficiency improve after implementing this automation.

Include your 2-3 keywords here as well. Try to incorporate them in the first couple sentences of the description, but don't force it.
Tell a story: Include the Problem Statement (The Why), the Solution (The How), and the Value (The What).
Write in paragraphs of about 5 lines each: The text will be most readable if the paragraphs are medium-length.
Do not include links (if you do, they will be stripped).
Remember the content must be unique for Bot Store: Do not reuse content from your website or elsewhere because doing so will hurt your SEO.

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Bot Security Program
Level 1
Business Process
Automation Type
Last Updated
July 24, 2020
First Published
April 14, 2020
Enterprise Version

See the Bot in Action

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Setup Process


Download the Bot and follow the instructions to install it in your AAE Control Room.


Open the Bot to configure your username and other settings the Bot will need (see the Installation Guide or ReadMe for details.)


That's it - now the Bot is ready to get going!

Requirements and Inputs

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