Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk

Vendor:    AAE Version: 11.3   Applications:

The Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk, built around the AP Invoicing function, automates recurring tasks like invoice processing, reconciliation, and processing payments against those invoices. Designed for easy deployment in SAP, the Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk focused on reducing time and errors in accounts payable organization. The Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk's IQ bot identifies invoices from various sources and in different formats and extracts information. It then populates the data into a structured format. The digital worker then uses this information for reconciliation with the Purchase Order data. The Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk also enables automated payments after it validates the invoice process.

Value and Benefits
Value to companies: Automates and expedites invoice processing and payment processing, capable of running 24/7 with more accuracy and full audit trail. Value to workers: The Digital SAP Accounts Payable Clerk provides Accounts Payable professionals a way to eliminate repetitive tasks related to invoice process, a significant portion of their day-to-day job activities. They will finally fell like they have more time to focus on strategic activities which require their intellect, decision-making, and people skills.
  • Invoice Processing
  • Payment processing
  • Record Management
Systems and Applications
  • SAP
  • Google
  • Microsoft Office