Digital Talent Acquisition Specialist

This Digital Talent Acquisition Specialist is the solution to the highly administrative offer generation process.

Top Benefits

  • No longer experience any delays in offer letter creation once the offer terms are approved by the hiring team.
  • Improve candidate experience and avoid losing candidates to competitor offers due to a delayed offer process.
  • Reduces potential for error by removing complexity in offer letter creation and reduces the need for employee training.
  • Creates a high-touch future employee experience by focusing on personalized support and person-to-person relationships.
  • Kick start collaboration with the future employee and the hiring team.


  • Offer Letter Generation
  • Manage Status of Offer Through Signature

The Digital Talent Acquisition Specialist is the solution to the highly administrative offer generation process. Once the decision to hire a candidate is made, the Digital Talent Acquisition Specialist populates the Offer Letter with the standardized parameters provided for the role. The fully personalized offer letter is then automatically shared with the candidate through DocuSign to get the required signatures. The Digital Worker continues to check the status of the signed document and upon acceptance transfers the record to the HR Operations Team. The Digital Talent Acquisition Specialist automates repetitive work in the Talent Acquisition process between departments enabling a more timely, cost-effective and personal new hire experience.

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Digital Worker
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December 11, 2020
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December 19, 2018
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Setup Process


Download the Digital Worker and follow the instructions to install it in your AAE Control Room.


Open the My Tasks folder of the Digital Worker to configure your username and other settings the Digital Worker will need.

  • Details are included in the Installation Guide or ReadMe.
  • Configuration support from the vendor is included with your purchase.


That's it - now the Digital Worker is ready to get going!

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