Digital Google Cloud IT Admin

Vendor:    AAE Version: 11.3   Applications:

The Digital Google Cloud IT Admin's skills include user management, Virtual Machine (VM) Instance creation and generating utilization reports for the company's Google Cloud usage. This digital worker offers simple yet effective automation to the recurring activity of cloud VM instance provisioning and instance management on Google Cloud Platform. The Digital Google Cloud IT Admin provides support to an IT Cloud Engineer/Administrator by identifying and extracting VM provisioning tickets from Zendesk. After converting the ticket status to pending, the Digital Google Cloud IT Admin intercepts the information from the ticket and creates a Google Cloud VM Instance for the user. It also automates the management end of the VM provisioning. It gathers the units of the CPU utilization of every instance in a project for a predetermined interval time and generates a utilization report in the form of a CSV file containing the results. Additionally, the Digital Google Cloud IT Admin provides Real Time operational insights for the utilization report dashboard using Bot Insight.

Value and Benefits
Value to companies: IT Admins can focus more on the big picture, how best to scale and support the organization as technology changes.

Value to workers: Offloads high volume, repetitive tasks from day-to-day work allowing more time to focus on larger, more complex tasks and problem solving. IT professionals can be more creative in their work and more engaged overall.
  • Instance Provisioning
  • Utilization Report Generation
  • Generate Analytics Dashboard
Systems and Applications
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Zendesk