Digital AWS IT Admin

This Digital AWS IT Admin offers an efficient solution to the labor-intensive tasks of cloud computing on AWS.

Top Benefits

  • IT Admins can focus more on the big picture, how best to scale and support the organization as technology changes.
  • Offloads high volume, repetitive tasks from day-to-day work allowing more time to focus on larger, more complex tasks and problem solving.
  • IT professionals can be more creative in their work and more engaged overall.


  • Create EC2 Instance
  • Reset User Password
  • Generate Utilization Report

This Digital AWS IT Admin offers an efficient solution to the labor-intensive tasks of cloud computing on AWS by supporting an IT Cloud Engineer in user management, instance creation and generating utilization reports for the company's AWS usage. The Digital AWS IT Admin reads the subject line from Zendesk support ticket and sends an e-mail to the user requesting additional information. Once the pre-determined mailbox receives the data from the user, the Digital AWS IT Admin creates an EC2 instance according to the outlined specifications. It also scans incoming Zendesk request tickets subject lines and using the same user communication process, will reset an AWS password as needed.

Additionally, using Bot Insight, the Digital Worker creates an instance utilization report for all your instances in a specific region and puts the generated report in a determined path on your local system.

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Bot Security Program
Level 1
Business Process
Automation Type
Digital Worker
Last Updated
December 11, 2020
First Published
December 19, 2018
Enterprise Version

Setup Process


Download the Digital Worker and follow the instructions to install it in your AAE Control Room.


Open the My Tasks folder of the Digital Worker to configure your username and other settings the Digital Worker will need.

  • Details are included in the Installation Guide or ReadMe.
  • Configuration support from the vendor is included with your purchase.


That's it - now the Digital Worker is ready to get going!

Requirements and Inputs