Create New Incident

This bot will create an incident in ServiceNow.


Create New Incident

Create New Incident

This bot will create an incident in ServiceNow.

Create New Incident

This bot will create an incident in ServiceNow. This bot is provided by Automation Anywhere.


This bot is designed to work for any user by simply plugging this bot in existing or new task to create a Incident in Service Now. The respective user needs to provide credential and basic information for creating an Incident. Please check "More Details" section for details on parameters.


Quick and seamless Integration with Service Now. Easy to use and integrate with new or existing Bots without any technical supervision.


Connect - Table Name, Instance, User Name, Password Create - Incident Caller First Name, Incident Caller Last Name, Incident Caller Id, Opened By, Short Description, Description, Impact Get - Query String, Output Path


Create New/Existing object(s) from target application

More Details

This bot can perform three operations : Connect with Service Now Instance, Create Incidents

Owner Contact Info

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Pre-install Checks

Functional AAE 10 sp2 setup

Install Related


  • Download the bot from Bot Store.
  • Double click on the .msi file.
  • On Welcome to Installation wizard, click Next to continue.
  • Click I agree to the terms in the license agreement radio button to accept the agreement.
  • Get/Copy the License key from Bot Store Downloads into License Key, click Next to continue.
  • Click Install to begin the installation.
  • Click Finish to complete the installation.
  • To view the installation go to 'My Tasks' folder on AAE Client to see bot files.


  • Open Add/Remove Programs -> Select the Bot/Digital Worker to be installed 
  • Click uninstall 

2 reviews for Create New Incident

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Lionel Ngako

    I am solution Leader RPA at Devoteam LUxembourg. I already worked with AA during 1 year at one our client. is ti possible to me to have a bot about servicenow like create new incident, create change request and Get change request… I need its to show to another client how AA can interact with servicenow.

    Best regards

    • aziz.khan

      Lionel, please search the Bot Store for Servicenow. There are a number of bots available that address your inquiry.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Abhiram Bysani

    I do not have the license key, so not able to install the BOTs. Could you please let me know how to get the License key from the BOT Download.

    • Guilherme Motta

      Hi Abhiram Bysani,
      If you go to your “My Downloads” page, you will be able to find a column called “License Key”. You should click on the row of the bot you have downloaded, click on the button called “Copy to clipboard” and when you paste (CTRL+V) you will find your license.

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